Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cho Sun Korean BBQ

Pork Bone Soup for 2
Korean BBQ is best eaten on a cold and stormy night, which is why there are so many tasty Korean restaurants in the greater Vancouver region (because Vancouver is well-known for being a rainy city) We decided to go to Cho Sun, one of our favourite Korean restaurants. Right when we arrived the aroma inside the restaurant was delicious and overwhelming. Good thing E and I were planning to do our laundry right after dinner.

We ordered their Pork Bone Soup for 2 and one of their meat platters (for 2 as well) and a plate of Bulgogi sliced beef. The meat platter consisted of beef short ribs, marinated beef slices and marinated chicken. We also got a bunch of Korean side dishes and rice to go with our meal. The only thing I would mention is make sure all the meats are cooked and try not to burn anything. E and I had a great time watching our mom and dad fight over the grill, and whats even better is that all we had to do was sit back and eat (both our parents just kept on serving us food, didn't have to do any cooking at all!)

Just beware, you will be leaving the restaurant smelling like barbecued meat, well this might not necessarily be a bad thing for some people.

Happy eating everyone!

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  1. omggggggggggggggggggggggg drool seriously drool.. that pork bone soup looks AMAZING! omg seriously ridiculously amazing haha!

    1. haha I am getting better with taking pics =)