Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dot. Christmas Dinner

So after some serious deliberation the seven amateur cooks decided to make 'n' bake their own scrumptious Christmas dinner. Wayroan was in charge of the turkey which was suppose to feed fifteen to twenty guests that was arriving in less than 5 hours. He decided to wrap the turkey with slabs of bacon so we would save time on the basting part, which I find to be a big necessary hassle. While Wayroan preps the turkey, Eva and I scrambled to get the desserts baked due to the fact that we ONLY had one oven and if we didn’t do double time on our Peach Cobbler we would have to wait three hours for the turkey to be done. The rest of the afternoon went by quite fast we were definitely cooking up a storm. Here’s a peak at what the menu looked like: Bacon wrapped turkey with root veggies plus W’s famous gravy

Olive oil vinaigrette dressing over steamed spinach Steamed veggies Prosciutto wrapped asparagus Cocktail shrimps Mashed buttered yams French baguette with parsley garlic butter Martha Stewart’s hearty carrot soup Éclair cake plus a caramel peach cobbler Lots and lots of ice teas and bubblies

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