Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Well Tea

Central Richmond › 4811 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

A big thank you to KLIP Magazine for inviting me to Well Tea's Tasting Menu.

Well Tea located in Richmond is on its way to celebrating their 10 year anniversary with delicious new drinks and new items on their menu! I can't believe its been this long already! I remember when  my friends and I first came here to study during exams because it was one of the few bubble tea places that opened late besides Blenz - which was always packed with students. And to be honest I much prefer a Milk Tea Slush and Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets over a cup of coffee any day - especially when I needed to study.

One of my favourite items on their Tasting Menu is the Wasabi Chicken topped with fresh cucumber and scallions. The chicken is cooked in a seasoned broth and then served cold with a touch of wasabi to liven it up. 

Next on the list is a snack that I always order with my bubble tea!
Scallion Pancake wrapped with Beef and Fresh Cucumbers served with their famous Garlic Sauce.

Who can guess what this is?

This is another feature item on their New Tasting Menu.
Deep Fried Pork Knuckles infused with Tea Leaves - Feeling adventurous? Give this dish a try!

Last but not least, Well Tea's famous House Special Milk Tea!


Happy Eating!

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