Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Wooden Shoe

I would say my favorite meal of the day is breakfast, but the only issue I have is waking up... I adore dim sum but the whole waking-up-part-on-a-Sunday morning just doesnt seem to work for me. Thus the backup plan is to go to The Wooden Shoe. The first time I was there I had no clue what to order, the menu was HUGE! The place specializes in serving Dutch breakfast and if it weren't for our friend Ryan I would of ordered everything on the menu!

I was first introduced to the Bavarian Sausage Breakfast Platter by Ryan who has always ordered it. The platter consisted of thinly sliced Bavarian sausages, pan-friend eggs dont to your liking (mines is always done sunny-side up) raisin toast, a side of home made apple sauce and real hash browns diced up into little ity bity cubes and pan-friend to perfection. Oh I almost forgot the best part, everything is drizzled with the most creamy Hollandise sauce ever! It is definitely a very good breakfast to wake up to after a lonnnnngg night of partying.

Even though I've been to The Wooden Shoe several times and trying Dutch pancakes, waffles, eggs benedict, etc... I still love the Breakfast Platters. The decor is quite unique the walls are all lined with pictures of previous diners and different types of beer bottles and shot glasses... and we cant forget the wooden shoes! The servers are always friendly and the restaurant is a very chill place to hang out for a hard Dutch breakfast.

*a lot of my pictures got deleted on some of my blog posts... so I am trying to upload all the missing pics - November 17 2012*

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