Friday, March 18, 2011

AVARICE - av•a•rice (a-və-rəs) MOVIE Premier

This is one of my most anticipated post ever!

On March 18th 2011 I attended the movie premier for AVARICE I was super hyped to finally get the chance to see the final product of this movie. For the past 12 months I have been getting updates on the making of AVARICE and it has been so awesome to see this project come to life and I know a lot of people at Triton Films has put in a lot of time and effort to make this project happen. The movie premier was held at the Vancity Theater in downtown Vancouver, which I think is a great little theater to host an event like this. Once we got there we checked in with J, and you could practically feel everyone's excitement, the place wasn't very big, the theater only holds a maximum of 170 guests but doing a quick scan of the crowd there were definitely more people than what the theater could hold.

I saw several photographers snapping away at the crowd and lots of familiar faces! I was also very happy to learn that the popcorn was free, so a bunch of us stocked up on free popcorn and was determined to get some good seats. All 170 seats were quickly filled up with some people sitting on the stairs and standing by the exits. The producer and director made a small speech introducing Avarice and thanking the crowd for their love and support. Tinsel Korey also shared her experiences on the making of the movie and thanked us for attending this premier and for supporting all the wonderful actors and actresses that participated in Avarice. I wont say too much about the movie because I don't want to spoil it, but it was really well put together the computer graphics was well done and I liked how they added a good twist into the movie - it definitely got me talking about it with M and A once it was over.

After the movie premier there was a catered snack bar for everyone to enjoy. Ahh food, definitely cant say no to that! I can practically hear the excitement buzzing all around me, people were critiquing Avarice while munching on mini cupcakes and sipping on sparkling fruit punch, and there was an after party for Avarice, and it was held at the 100 Days restaurant located inside the Opus Hotel, unfortunately I had another engagement to attend to so I missed out on the after party. E and I have been talking about going to LA to check out the filming of Triton Film's next movie project, we are thinking of going in mid June but we will definitely keep everyone posted on our next adventure so be sure to check in with us at Munchzilla, meanwhile enjoy the trailer!

Synopsis av·a·rice (a-və-rəs) - excessive desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves Brad Dourif (LOTR, Deadwood), Ray Park (Star Wars, X-Men), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Tinsel Korey (Twilight: New Moon & Eclipse) fight over a magic box from the cosmos in this truly stellar looking new indie scifi thriller that looks nothing short of 2001: A Space Odyssey meets No Counrty for Old Men. You gotta see this, people!

A mysterious box from space lands in the desert; it holds the power to grant anyone's desires, but at a deathly cost. When a group of strangers are brought together by their most desperate desires, they will unwittingly release the evil darkness lurking inside.

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