Monday, March 21, 2011


So it has been a week (more or less) since I got the root canal done and as soon as the antibiotics kicked in and I was able to re-introduce my top jaw to my bottom jaw, I stuffed my face with sugar. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Guilty. So, so, so guilty of gluttony.

Two things I have been mainly munching on were Japanese products from Konbinya: a Japanese specialty/convenience store in downtown Vancouver. They have everything. Well nearly. From frozen fish, to ice-cream, to bento boxes and onigiri, to hair dye, facial masks, takoyaki pans, wasabi flavoured chocolate and sushi rice - see, everything. Nearly. Bon Crepe is also located within Konbinya and they have pretty good crepes that differs from - and in my opinion better than - Cafe Crepe crepes; a slightly chewy mochi textured crepe with a good amount of ingredients. And while every time I am there, I am tempted to run down the aisle with an arm out sweeping everything on a shelf into a basket and stuff my face with crepes, I had enough restraint to limit myself to a box of Everyburger.

I had a friend who raved about a chocolate burger (each layer of the burger was a different chocolate) that you can find at Smart-n-Save in Richmond, but every time I went, it was sold out. So when I saw that last box of Everyburger, I felt like it was meant to be. Unfortunately, I think what my friend was talking about and what I bought were two separate things. Everyburger turned out to be two mini cookie "buns" sandwiching a slice of chocolate cheese and a chocolate patty. Not what I was expecting but hey, it's chocolate and cookie. It tasted like your average asian cookie/chocolate combo - you know, those Lotte Koala cookies or Yan-Yans? Same thing. What made it a bit different was that the cookie is light and flakey, not hard, and had a kind of toasted sesame aftertaste. And after seeing me googly-eye some Green tea KitKats, B picked up a bag for me... or well, I hope it was for me - because I ate it all. Green tea and KitKat? What a breakthrough. So much win in one chocolate bar - I need a break from this blog to eat one. In a bag you get two kinds of chocolate: a milkier version of green tea and a matcha version. Personally, I like the matcha one more as it was less sweet and had a stronger green-tea flavour. The milkier version, on the first bite, tasted like green tea icecream, but the flavour progresses into something like a nuttier white chocolate and definitely too sweet. But that's okay. At the moment, the sweeter the better. Oh chocolate, how I missed you so.

Wait, root-canal? What root-canal?

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